Aspen, Colorado

Why is Aspen, Colorado so desirable? Aspen is a small mountain town which borders thousands of acres of White River National Forest within the Elk Mountain Range. The town sits at an elevation of just under 8,000 ft and is a true treasure. Originally founded as a small mining town, Aspen evolved into one of the more affluent cities in the country after originally being developed into a ski resort. This unique town is made up of four monumental ski mountains: Aspen Mountain, Aspen Highlands, Buttermilk (a favorite among beginners), and the ever-popular Snowmass Mountain. Aspen has become such a desired place to live for many reasons that go far beyond just skiing. The arts, culture, community and restaurant scene all draw large crowds during peak seasons, while also allowing for individuals to call this Valley their full-time home. This Valley truly creates a one of a kind experience for everyone and there is truly nothing like it.
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